Company for computer integrated logistics solutions ltd.

We are a medium-sized,
owner-managed IT service company
for the transportation and logistics industry.

The company was founded in 1992.
The company is based in Johannesberg near Aschaffenburg, Germany.

Development of the SPEEDORDER web platform began in 2007.

Our customers include
Shippers who want to optimize their logistics processes,
transport service providers who use our software to connect their own customers,
as well as companies that use SPEEDORDER as a pure data hub.

Maximum flexibility

We develop what you need.
We configure what you need.

More than 30 years of experience

In logistics and data conversion

Focus on practice

Solutions for existing problems

Focus on the customer

We focus on your requirements

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carrier connected
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Our goal is to optimize your logistics process

Save time and money with our highly available and customizable software solutions.

Our solutions


Webbased multicarrier system

Manual order entry, data import, label/list printing, data export, data hub…


Webbased tracking system

Tracking system for transport service providers and other participants in the supply chain.


Integration tools

Automation and integration of download, upload, import and print.