Our services

We have extensive industry-specific knowledge of optimizing business processes in the areas of transport, logistics and data conversions.

With experience from numerous projects, we support logistics companies and/or specialist departments in the development of innovative solutions.
The focus of our work is on creating a forward-looking network between shipping service providers and customers.
Our web-based SPEEDORDER portal for order processing plays a decisive role in this.

We help you from analysis to implementation and beyond.

Use existing solutions or have new ones developed.


Analysis / Conception

  • Analysis of existing workflows
  • Identification of potentials
  • Conception of functional and IT solutions

Introduction / Support

  • Support during implementation
  • User training
  • Adjustments and bug fixes

Update / Development

  • Update of existing solutions
  • New developments

Analysis / Conception

  • Analysis of work processes (on site on a case-by-case basis)
  • Identification of customer-specific functional and technical requirements
  • Identification of interfaces (input/output)
  • Determination and specification of data conversion logics

Introduction / Support

  • Parameterization of the application (tables, routing logic, actions, etc.)
  • Data converter creation
  • System test, user test
  • Introduction (Migration)
  • User training
  • Ongoing support via remote maintenance, chat
  • Documentation

Support options

Remote Support via Teamviewer

Update / Development

We are constantly expanding and improving our existing interfaces and modules.

Do you have a requirement that we do not yet map?
Do you need independent middleware to map requirements that are not directly related to logistics?
(e.g. pure data conversions from SystemA to SystemB).

Get in touch with us. We are happy to add more functionality and develop quickly and reliably.