SPEEDORDER is an innovative and reliable web-based platform for recording and processing shipping orders, for use as middleware or data hub.

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Manual handling

The SPEEDORDER interface is available to users in a modern and responsive version.
This means that it can also be used on tablets or smartphones.
This also enables order processing or completion using mobile devices such as scanners during the loading process.

Data import

Our data entry screen is highly performant…
but from a certain volume of data, input interfaces achieve a great process optimization.

Our import converter is a powerful tool with which we can import a wide variety of file formats and, if necessary, correct or adapt them using JavaScript.

Common file formats such as xml, idoc, edifact, fortras, text, csv and sometimes even pdf are possible.

We also offer an Api with which you can supply SPEEDORDER with order data from outside your system and control it as required.

Events and Actions

Our events are the heart and control center of SPEEDORDER.

This is where we place your required actions such as label printing, list printing, e-mail, outgoing interfaces, etc. in the appropriate places.
For example, customers can dock an automatic label print to the “Create order” event, activate a shipment list print at the end of the day or configure an e-mail action that informs the recipient that their goods have been dispatched.


We display the status of your shipments via our tracking page or link directly to the carrier.

If the carrier offers an API for its tracking system or provides status data in file form, we can react proactively to certain events. For example, an e-mail in the event of undeliverability or delivery.


  • Transfer package dimensions directly to an order via digital measuring tapes.
  • As a freight forwarder, you can be informed directly about certain shipment criteria of your customers. Example: LTL/FTL shipments.
  • eFreight note: Minimalist entry mask for your small customers, labels and consignment list included.
  • Cross shipping, dangerous goods, procurement logistics, returns
  • und much more …

Data hub

Data hubs are nodes where data streams from different sources can be merged and further distributed. SPEEDORDER can be used here in an industry- and hardware-neutral manner.

For example, do you need a data hub that receives data from your in-house system, merges it with information from another application and forwards it to another system?

With Speedoroder, thanks to our powerful input and output interfaces, this is also possible without a logistics connection!


SPEEDORDER connects customer systems.


Web entry for customers or connection to TMS.


SPEEDORDER regulates the exchange of data between systems


SPEEDORDER serves file or Api interfaces


Storage, retrieval, shipping...


SPEEDORDER connects ERP systems with carriers


SPEEDORDER as data hub

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