With our TRACKING SERVICE, we offer transport service providers who do not yet have their own tracking solution exactly this option.

The web-based platform for displaying various shipment statuses can be filled with data via file interfaces or API connections.
Delivery documents can also be integrated.

Other parties involved in the supply chain can track deliveries via our TRACKING PORTAL using the unique shipment ID.

Manual tracking

Our TRACKING SERVICE can be accessed via all internet-enabled devices.
With a unique consignment number, you can manually check the status of your consignment.

Data exchange

Our TRACKING SERVICE can be supplied with data via file interfaces or API connections.

The service also exchanges data bidirectionally with SPEEDORDER.
This enables us to display shipment data from SPEEDORDER in the TRACKING PORTAL or to react to certain events with our SPEEDORDER-EVENTS and actively trigger actions.
For example, an e-mail or EDI when a certain consignment status is reached.