SPEEDORDER covers all functional requirements for the order management. 
The application is based on the internet WEB-platform. So the solution benefits from all advantages related to the internet.


Excellent benefits to gain competitive edge - Order entry via SPEEDORDER-web-platform:

  • SPEEDORDER - optimized order processing
    • Maximal flexibility via internet access – any time and all over the world
    • Increased system efficiency by linked system applications to SPEEDORDER-intranet
    • Reduced transaction costs due to reduced manual working steps and maximal automation    

  • SPEEDORDER - limited processing costs
    • Usage dependent transaction costs gives scalability and a high level of cost transparency
    • Transaction costs can be allocated directly to specific customers
    • No investments required for hard- and system software
    • Independence from hard- and software vendors, operating systems and system configurations

  • SPEEDORDER - reduced ICT investments
    • No investments required for order entry application
    • No investments required for system maintenance – support is done via remote support
    • Flexible and fast configuration for SPEEDORDER user access via internet  

  • SPEEDORDER – secure future ICT trends and technologies 
    • Continuous performance monitoring
    • Continuous system maintenance and upgrade
    • Continuous data backup and fail security

SPEEDORDER - Order entry via Internet

carrier/ forwarder SPEEDORDER customer / consignee

EDI Data for carrier

Export Cadis XML

Export dispatching list

hazardous goods






Order entry via


Import order data

Import customer data

Print out via email/FTP (bar code,
documents, reports) based on  
communication profiles 

Automatic update of ZIP-code, 
country code, package type 
and carrier specific routing