Customized e-mail notifications

Do you want to send your customer a customized e-mail notification when their shipment has left the warehouse?

Are you a freight forwarder and want to send an automatic message to your scheduling department when a customer has saved a shipment?

Or do you want to inform your shipping department immediately when you have entered a shipment in SPEEDORDER that is due for dispatch?

The use cases are many and varied, our e-mail designer is flexible!

In combination with our events and the conditions, e-mail campaigns unfold their full potential.

– One of our connected freight forwarders has his FTL/LTL dispatcher additionally informed by e-mail when direct shipments have been entered in SPEEDORDER.
– A warehouse operator has his employees in the order picking department informed when the customer calls off a specific item. The e-mail then contains information on the packaging handling of the item.
– Another service provider also has its dispatch department informed by e-mail for shipments to certain areas to ensure that special delivery requirements are met.

SPEEDORDER fields can be inserted as variables via the Designer to ensure dynamic content.